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Narrative Skills, Story-Retell, Sequencing  

Super Duper StoryMaker

With Super Duper StoryMaker, you can create all the picture and photo stories you want and tell them over and over — plus, you can make your own photo albums, special occasion cards, comic books, etc. Educators and parents will love StoryMaker because it helps children practice learning skills, such as reading, sequencing, vocabulary and sentence building, following directions, grammar, storytelling and retelling, interacting with others, and more.

StoryMaker has two screens — Create Story and Tell Story. In Create Story you make your stories, as well as edit and change them. In Tell Story you read, tell, and talk about your stories. For extra fun, record your voice and other sounds and have everyone listen to your stories. 

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What is Core Vocabulary? 

“Core vocabulary” refers to the small set of basic words in any language that are used frequently and across contexts (Cross, Baker, Klotz and Badman, 2006). Core words tend to be pronouns, verbs, and demonstratives because they represent words that generally do not change. These words are relevant across contexts and can have many meanings.

Core vocabulary words allow communicators to express themselves using a wide variety of concepts with a very small number of words. Research shows that 80% of what we say is communicated with only the 200 most basic words in our language (Baker and Hill, 2000). 

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